Curriculum Vitae:

Gary Knott, Ph.D., CEO, Civilized Software, Inc.
12109 Heritage Park Circle
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Telephone: (301) 962--3711

American University (B.A. in Mathematics)
California Institute of Technology (M.S. Information Science)
Stanford University (Ph.D. in Computer Science, 1975)

1985-date CEO, Civilized Software, Inc.
1985-1989 Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science, Univ. of Maryland
1965-1984 Commisioned Officer, USPHS, Computer Scientist: DCRT, NIH
1961-1965 Computer Programmer/Mathematician, NIH
1959-1961 Computer Operator, Dispatcher at CEIR, Inc.

Background in software systems design and implementation, starting in 1960 at C.E.I.R Inc., with experience in both non-numeric (database systems) and numeric (differential equation solving, curve-fitting) applications, and with operating systems and language translators.

Designed and developed components of software for Cancer End-Results and Framingham Heart and Smoking epidemiological studies in 1962--1964, the Recode and Select system in 1965 on the Honeywell 800, the Tablemaker system in 1965--1966 for the IBM S/360, and, as an ongoing development since 1970, the MLAB (Mathematical Modeling) system on the DECsystem-10, and, since 1986, commercially on various platforms. (See the review in The American Statistician, Vol. 50, No 4, pp. 368-378, Nov. 1996.) Mlab has figured in numerous scientific publications (see

Research Activities:
Various areas of computer science with special emphasis on storage and retrieval algorithms and the analysis of algorithms, mathematical and statistical modeling, computer graphics, splines, and early design of network-wide process intercommunication primitives (nowadays called object-brokering). Details may be found in the papers cited below. Pioneered four special topics of research in computer science. Namely: distribution-dependent hashing functions, extensible hash tables, insertion-deletion sensitivity in storage and retrieval algorithms, and numbering systems for binary trees.


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Daniel Kerner, Ph.D. President, Civilized Software, Inc.
12109 Heritage Park Circle
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Phone: (301) 962-3711

Johns Hopkins University (M.B.A.)
University of Colorado (Ph.D. Chemical Physics)
Columbia University (B.A. Chemistry)

Work Experience:
2000-present Co-owner, Civilized Software, Silver Spring, MD
1996-1999 Consultant
1986-1995 Programmer

Assisted in developing MLAB--a computer program for data analysis, mathematics, statistics, and graphics, for DOS/16-bit Windows/32-bit Windows, Macintosh 7/8/9/X, and Unix/Linux with X-Windows computers. Programmed graphics adapter display drivers and math floating-point exception handler routines in Intel 80x86/87, Motorola 680x0/6888y, and PowerPC 60x assembly languages; translated subroutines from the SAIL language to the C-language for scalar function optimization, root finding, numerical integration, contour maps, and perspective views of 2-dimensional surfaces. Wrote C-language subroutines for evaluating statistical density functions and distribution functions. Wrote, edited, and illustrated MLAB graphics guide, system documentation, and demonstration papers for distribution with the MLAB commercial package using TeX.

  • Kerner, D. "Association in Temperatures on the First and Last Days of March", Civilized Software, 2010.

  • Kerner, D. "Analysis of the Rule of 70 with MLAB", Civilized Software, 2009.

  • Knott, G, and Kerner, D. "Solving and Fitting France's Rumen Model with MLAB", appearing in Mathematical Modeling in Nutrition and the Health Sciences, J.A.Novotny, et. al., editors, NY: Kluwers Academic (2003) 389-400.

  • Kerner, D. "Handling Floating-Point Exceptions in 32-bit Wintel Applications", Civilized Software, 1999.

  • Knott, G, and Kerner, D. MLAB Application Manual. Civilized Software, 1998-2002.

  • Kerner, D. "Two Chemical Kinetics Models of a Laser", Civilized Software, 1997.

  • Kerner, D. "Predicting the Dow Jones Industrial Average with MLAB", Civilized Software, 1997.

  • Kerner, D. "Minimal Models for Glucose and Insulin Kinetics", Civilized Software, 1996.

  • Kerner, D. "Solving Equations Involving the Catenary with MLAB", Civilized Software, 1996.

  • Kerner, D. "Analysis of Sunspot Data with MLAB", Civilized Software, 1996.

  • Kerner, D. MLAB Users Guide, Civilized Software, 1996, 1995-2002.

  • Kerner, D. "Great Circle Routes on a Mercator Projection of the World", Civilized Software, 1995.

  • Kerner, D. "Charged Particles on a Disk", Civilized Software, 1994.

  • Kerner, D. "Free Induction Decay", Civilized Software, 1993.

  • Kerner, D. MLAB Graphics Examples, Civilized Software, 1992-2002.

  • Kerner, D. Low Resolution Atomic Spectra from a Time-Dependent Perspective, Ph.D. thesis, (University Microfilms: Ann Arbor, MI) 1985.