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To order MLAB, please send us an email or to Please include your address, phone-number and email address.

MLAB is a superior program for interactive mathematical modeling, data analysis, and preparation of publication-quality screen and print graphics. MLAB is especially useful for parameter estimation for algebraic and differential equation models applied to multi-dimensional data. With MLAB you can solve and curve-fit algebraic differential, delay, and difference equations. MLAB contains a large library of built-in functions in mathematics, physics, statistics, and signal analysis. MLAB is also a programming language, in which algorithms can be programmed and used within more elaborate interactive analyses.

MLAB offers a complete suite of mathematical and statistical packages. All versions of MLAB are identical in functionality and contain all the same functions. In order to see the detailed contents of MLAB, please see the list of MLAB functions.

In order to learn more about MLAB you may wish to purchase the MLAB manuals at a cost of $99 plus shipping(2.6 kilos). The MLAB manuals are also available at no cost at as .pdf files which may be printed if desired.

You can also download a free trial copy of MLAB from this web-site by going back to the home-page and selecting the "download trial MLAB" option. This free-trial MLAB system is the complete MLAB program with an fixed lifetime and a fixed number of uses.

Unless provided as a site-licence, MLAB is offered as a single-user license on a single computer for a fixed period, and includes free email and telephone technical support, and one set of manuals (reference manual and applications manual).

Site license agreements, including training, can be obtained.

You may be interested to know that there are versions of MLAB that run on ancient operating systems and hardware as long as it has hardware floating point! A 80286 PC with an 80287 chip running DOS will run a suitable version of MLAB, as will a 68000 or later 68K chips with a Motorola floating point chip running Mac OS System 6 through 10. Of course, MLAB on the earliest platforms does not have automatic virtual memory, or all the flexibility of more capable machines, but generally it works fine.

MLAB               PC (DOS,Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10),
                   MAC (OS-8,OS-9:Motorola, PowerPC, OS-10:x32-Intel), 
                   Linux (on x32,x64-Intel/clone)
Set of two printed manuals ---------     $99 plus shipping
Full MLAB (including manuals) 
[single-user single-machine licence               
1. ODE-solving                             
 2. Curve-fitting (with ODE models)                          
 3. Optimization                            
 4. Advanced Linear Algebra                 
 5. Special functions                       
 6. Signal Analysis functions               
 7. Cluster Analysis functions              
 8. Density functions, Distribution functions
      and Inverse Distribution functions    
 9. Statistical Computations and Tests      
10. Splines and Smoothing                   
11. Random number Generators                
12. 3D graphics and Contour maps            


-------- $2750 for 2-year licence.

-------- $5995 for perpetual licence.

-------[Please email for pricing information for student 90-day licences and for multi-copy site licences.

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