Directions to download, install, and run a copy of MLAB for Windows

This downloadable version of MLAB runs on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 PCs, both 32 qnd 64 bit systems where applicable. (MLAB is also available for Windows 3.1 or DOS on a 286 or later chipset, but no downloadable versions currently exist.) After you try MLAB, please email us with your comments and questions (at!

Before you download MLAB for a Windows PC, you will want to look at the short Introduction to using MLAB HERE. (You should print a copy for later reference.)

(You may also want to print this web-page before you leave it! It contains the installation directions for MLAB.) The compressed file is 1593344 bytes in size and should takes about a minute to download under usual conditions. (If the file you get is not close to the size above, you do not have the entire file - please try again.)

This version of MLAB is the complete program with an expiration date. On-line help is available (by typing "help" in MLAB), and you may order the MLAB manuals and have them shipped to you by mail (see the offer in the README file that appears in the mlab directory after you download and uncompress the compressed file.)

The MLAB manuals are also available in PDF form from this website. Click here to go to the Manuals page. And don't forget to look at the short Introduction to using MLAB HERE.

When you click below to download the trial version of MLAB, a WINZIP self-extracting file called zmlab.exe will be downloaded to your computer via the http protocol through your web browser. The name and location of this file that will be created on your PC may vary according to the behavior of your browser and options you have selected. [If you are given the option, or otherwise know how to do so, tell your browser to save the downloaded file in C:\ with the name zmlab.exe - otherwise you will want to manually rename the downloaded file as zmlab.exe and place it in C:\ !!!]

Note: DO NOT let your browser automatically 'open' or 'run' zmlab.exe; it is better to do it 'manually' under your control!

(Firefox has the bad habit of placing your downloaded files in your DeskTop directory, and it does not make it easy to dynamically specify another location (Firefox handled this better in earlier versions.) You may also get annoying "security" windows popping up - just click on the "X" and dismiss them.)

After you obtain the file zmlab.exe via downloading, you must follow the following steps to "install" MLAB and run it. These directions, plus other information will be found in the README file, README32.TXT, you will obtain (but only after uncompressing zmlab.exe following the steps below!)

[1] First you must uncompress the packed files in zmlab.exe by running it (the first part of the file zmlab.exe is the WINZIP uncompression and extraction program.) You must be logged-in as "Administrator" to properly install MLAB. Also, you should NOT have any open browser windows or other unnecessary windows on the screen, since they might obscure various windows that pop-up that you need to attend to.

To run zmlab.exe, you must "find" the file via Windows, and then double-click on the file-name to request that it be run. Often there will be a file icon titled "zmlab" showing on your "desktop". If so, you can just double-click on that icon. Otherwise use "my computer" or the "start-menu" or any of the other ways you know-of to find the file zmlab.exe (We prefer running a DOS-window and using the cd command.)

Running zmlab.exe will create a directory called MLAB at the top level of your active logical drive with various files and sub-directories within it. When a WINZIP window appears, select the 'unzip' option.

(Sometimes your browser will have been set take control and run the downloaded file immediately after it has downloaded it. This is annoying, but acceptable, marginally.)

[2] After the zmlab.exe file has been uncompressed, a program called SETUP.EXE found in the newly-established MLAB directory will be automatically run. Running SETUP will create an entry in the Programs submenu of the Start Menu, and will also create a desktop icon for MLAB if you request it when prompted.

A gratuitous window displaying the "program group" directory (containing three link-files) will be displayed on the screen as a side-effect of constructing the program-group directory. You should click on the "X" in the upper-right corner to discard this unwanted window. (You may want to look at the file readme32.txt first.)

Also, in Vista or Win7/Win8/Win10, a window may appear complaining about the installation not obeying some obscure stricture. You should click on "accept this installation" - or whatever the option is to continue. (If you get this wrong, you will need to start all over to get MLAB installed.)

[3] You may now run MLAB by using any of the common devices for running programs provided in the Windows operating environment. One way to run MLAB is to use 'Windows Explorer' by clicking on 'My Computer' and "click down" to display the C:\MLAB directory, and then double-click on the icon or name for the MLAB executable file MLAB.EXE, just as you ran zmlab.exe above. You can also run MLAB from the "Start menu" by "clicking down" through "Programs" to find MLAB. You can also run MLAB from a DOS window (or in a "RUN" window obtained by clicking "Run" in the Start-menu;) you do this by typing the appropriate exsecutable file name. You can also double-click on the shortcut icon on your desktop to run MLAB - this is the best way to run MLAB.

Please print the file called README32.TXT that will be found in the \MLAB directory after it is created.

Also, be sure to study the short MLAB manual found HERE. This is VERY important! (You will probably want to print this "page" or save it to disk for your later use.)

Now, click HERE to download MLAB for Windows.

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